well , 2010 has many ups and downs for me , I mean mostly down . In personal issues , love , study etc. Wasn't all good but I'm glad it happened,it made me a stronger n wiser person. Makes me more careful in the future.I learnt so much . 2011 its going to b a nerdy year for meh , sitting for SPM on november 2011 . well , it scare me though , all i need to do is study , work harder. i bet its goin to b a really busyy yearr and having a pack schedule . I just realize i need to back on the track before Midyear . 2010 is very meaningful to me though its wasnt great enough .

2011 :
-There is always a reason for everything. A reason to Live, a reason to Die, And to Cry. Just keep your smile and enjoy being alive! ☺
-Let's make this more better, 2011
-Dear self, please know that you're not alone

1.1.11, 11.1.11 followed by 1.11.11 & 11.11.11. It's time to say goodbye to our past mistakes & say hello to a new beginning. ♥

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