The point man

i miss blogging , dont you ? hihi

well , yesterday i've watched inception . The movie is A-W-E-S-O-M-E . I guaranteed ! . I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt more than Leonardo Dicaprio . aww2 ! . I went to wangsawalk with my sis , hanna and my crazy fren , ikhwan gedikk ! huhu . they wanted to watch SALT , but ikhwan called GARAM , haha but they've planning to watch it on Friday which is todayy . they said is just fine .

Next , i went online then suddeny i've receive a mail by Him , and he said he was in indonesia , he cant text or call me and i just relieved . I thought he forget bout me afta he with his gf back . but idk its true or not bout he and his gf . Call me afta u arrive here , okayy syg ? saye rindu awak dah nie -.-

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