I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by

peopleee , last night was awesomeeeeeee :)) . well , I woke up at 10 a.m and went to online , and meen said to me she wanted to go to saloon and asked me and her boyf to company her , so i get myself ready . After we done , we waited for her boyf , mad like 2-3 hours , he so sleepy at that time he wont wake up till meen maki2 him . hahah. then Mad went to our house and meen's mood going to hell , she keep on bluberringg bcoz she waited meen for too long .

Act, i've planned to meet hafiy at kl sentral but he said he got meeting la bla bla and he asked if you willing to wait till 340 then okayy . so i agreed to meet him . Meen droved the three of us and planned to sent me to kl sentral but it was terrificly jammed so decided go to midvalley but theres 2x jammed so , i called hafiy to met him at station university but he keep on busyy and give me lame excuses so i have to cancelled everythings . He such a stupid boyyy .

After waited for too long and suddenly meen asked "della kau rase tak ape aku rase " then i said "mestilaaa , jom carik tmpat mane2 yg sedap " it means tht we r totally hungryyyy . So we decided to go to kfc's but theres no kfc . then we pusing2 all the near amcorp mall and mad give such a brilliant idea , he said lets go to the curve . we agreed and went there . After spent time couples hour theres we go back home.

But theres still a lot of time , we should do something .while i texted faiz zyryll ,he said he were boring to death and asked me out . so i set to meet him , and told him to get urself ready bcoz we otw to his home . after we took faiz then we donno where to go . so faiz said lets go watched movie at galaxie .

We get along and watched the backup planned staringg by jennifer lopez . But the movie quite boring . After movie we going back coz papa already call me to get home early .and sent faiz to his home . I met Him so intermittent . I wished i can meet you any longer bcoz u're going to further study at perak , Im gonna miss you b :((

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