looking out for you to hold my hand


well happy mothers day to my mama . u such a great mother . u the best that i'll never had ! u'r the strongest mom seriously . im praying for happiness for you everyday .

i'd still remember i've made u cry . im very sory for that . i promise i never do that again ! della tahu della degil . tp nk buat mcmne kan . i try to change oke mama .

mama nk della jd rajin kan supaya dpt blaja tinggi2 . semayang cukup 5 waktu . i'll try oke . im praying for happiness ,goodness be with you oso .

happy mothers day again .

loves you . hug n kiss !

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Miena Azlan said...

Comel jeeeee :p Ehh, kakak u pakai tudung? since when?