If I could have just one wish,

now i'm litsen to 'I Never' its very touchfull song . seriously its reminds me of him :( i dont know why i keep remembering him since i saw him last time . This song is totally for you . I never forget all your promises . And i keep waiting for ur loves text . Last time , we were very happy together and everybody loves when we were together .

The best damn things is u came and knock at my door's house every Monday and bring some foods and we have lots of fun . sometimes u sent me and pickup me at school . I miss when we going out together . its so extremly fun .

I miss his sweet long kisses , his touch , his huqs , his smiles , his qoodbye kisses ... I miss him reportinq to me that he'd safely reach home ... I miss reportinq to him that i'd safely reach home ... I miss the lonq conversations on the phone . I just want all of this to happen aqain ...

But know , evrythings is change . ure not longer texting and calling like we used to . i miss all those stuff . I miss when u kiss me , hug me .its very wonderfull time .The things like we used to do is already gone . u've found your new love . I'm happy for you eventho its hurt when i looked at your pictures with her . I hope i can find someones like you one day .

loves you ,

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