*kedebuk pengsan

time : 0439 am

well,jam menunjukkan skrg pukul 0439,weird isit?and sume tanye tak sekolahh keA? pegilaah esok hari ape pulak kan. emm,act im trying to download a song that related to my drama. drama?AHAH. this week is 'minggu anti dadah' so all the form 4 student must present a drama about drugs and anything laa. hmm.its quite busy this week,really bcoz my teacher told us this thing very2 last minute.-.-

i hate you bitch,let me tel u sumting!'please ask me,if you need something,dah la pkai amek je.patu tak reti nk charge balekk, tu pun nk kene ajar ke B-O-D-O-H!

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