thursday ;)

heyy,its been awhile i didnt update my blog;)kinda lazyy lah!humm,well,today me and ashraf have a date today.hee ;)*firstime tauu.haha.we watched twilight together coz i have an extra ticket so i invited him.the funniest thing happen in cinema is me was very confident about the sit!because nadzim said he the sit was at back so i sit at the back without check my ticket then someone come and said hello,thts my place and i was like huh? tickettt!?haha.i was very excited to watched tht movie but its totally lame lah tht story!abes kan duit jea.then me and ashraf going to bukit bintang because he wanna do some survey for the bag.humm.Ashraf,thanks for acompany me,and and for the KISS to.heheh.

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