well,today i wake up a lil bit late for going to school because im too sleepy and i had a beutifull nighmare*like beyonces song.ahha.lately my mom always send me to school with duke highway.seriously,since my mom always send me follow the duke i never late comes to school.haha.and today new headmistress is came to my school.her face is very fierce but when she talk she always said"ye".my friens cant stop laughing while she talking on the stage.its so funny!afta that,me with my classmate is hanging out together and cant stop gossiping.afta we finished gossiping i felt like i wanna sleep tht time so said to them"can we stop talking for awhile?cause i really2 wanna sleep'then they said okayy.i thought im the one who sleep at tht time act,my frens also did 10 minutes my history teacher come to our place and said"bangun2"and i just like what happen?.then he laughs and said "semalam mengumpat saya arini tido plak?cbe lah buat aktiviti berfaedah sikit".then i replied"ni kire berfaedah la dr mengumpat en."suddenly i remember tht i promise him to bring a poker.but i forgot bout that.then i said sorry to him.for sure u guys look like weird right?because teacher and students promise about playing a gamble.hahah.its normal lah kan.when,my form teacher come to our class i felt like boringnyee.then i ask my frens hanging out at surau.while we hanging there i lay down my head at iera lap then i feel her lap is so good if i sleep over her lap.and for sure i slept.haha.suddenly i was shocked because the bell for recess is ringing and i was like yeayy its a recess time and i straight wearing a shoes and go to canteen without waiting for my frens.afta we finished our recess we go to dewan because pria said she want to practice a dancing for competition at our school.act,i dont join the group but i just want to watch how they gonna dance .but they said they dont have any steps and they ask me to teach them.for sure lah i dont know,*poyo jea neyh.they ll said its imposible dell dont know how to dance and they force me to i dance like i was in the club.haha.haha.while they discusing about the steps and what song they gonna play my beloved prefect come to us an said who is joining basketball please go to court because they have a tournament to choose which class is going to final.and my class only reserved and i join this only to have fun not serious at all.haha.afta the match is over is time to go back home sweet i called hanna to pick me up then we going to kedai awe and bought a food.its so delicious.finally,i felt boring until now.its so lameee babe!

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