last friday im not going to school.well.its on my plan act.haha.superduper lazyyy and i want sleep for a long time.haha,me wakeup at 1pm i act awake cause i hear someone knock the door veryyy rude then i came down and look thats my lil brother and sister.they dont have any dumbb.then i open the door for them.afta that i searching for remote astro to watcing tv while im waiting for my sister to came back from schooll.huhu.afta she came back we going up stairs to kejut miss hanna yg ta reti2 nk bgn cause she goin to clubbing last nite and came back home at 8am.haha.than abg lan call her and said nk belaje kiteorang makn.and then miss yamin said nk makn chilis.abg lan kate okayyy!we said horayyyy.afta that we all siap2 and kteorang really excitedd.hahaa.we meet up with abg lan at one utama at 8pm.we reached at chilis 8 sumtin.and you noe whatt the NACHOS was superbbb ;)and the desert was super duper sedappp ;).abg lan thanks for the treat.and sorry coz always kacau u about high colestrol hahha.please dont get mad.thank you abg lan im waiting for the next treat =)

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