2 days 1 night

hey blogger,i miss you!ahha,i got bad feverr and i cant stop coughing until todayy plus im sitting fer pmr trial,im struggling with fever and trial,thts so fuckup!well,last nite was a terrific day,my parents going to johor,and me and my sister just stay at homee like everbody said home sweet home rite?we was so fckin hungryy!and then we walk its around 1 km from my house to buying a food.plus we cant gone wild la babe!we dun have any cntc to gone wild.auhhhhh.afta that,i was so boring and i cant stop walking around the housse.i watching dvd's,ahhaa,2 movies babe repeatedly!ahhhaha.and tht nite fer sure im myspacng and chattng,.suddenly,this guy tht i always chhting is askin me"are u open minded"than i said fer sure yess,and all of sudden he ask something2.i was just like,this guy are totally like mentalmental!ahhaaa.dont get mad babe!thenn i sleep,until this morning,like wtf my stomach is totally sickk!and its 9.08.its to early to wake up!!just waitin my sister wake up and make me a breakfastttt :-)

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