friday && no $$

hyy reader!*mcm ade enn.ahha
friday yg always free....filled with fun fun fun ajelaa...:))met hanna'sfriends during noon, we show up late @ wrong mcD..sbb ade org bg sala info..&& ade org jatuh longkang plak tu
*meen..hahahaha...then lpk2 mkn cekodok pastu jalan2 kt waterfront desaparkcity...cuties puppies bekeliaran worr kt park tuh..stylo ajeh puppies tuh...afta snap2 then we go hartamas lorr...hehehe.. kita nek chuck bass weh.. mmg cool lah baby faten neh... like ajeh...mmg hard core doe ete faten uhh!
i have a horibble week!not a day,but a week!
i dont have enough money.and just imagine the whole family only eatin maggie.POOR.
plus,evry hour going to kitchen and hopin the food!oh shitttt!
and how to survive another 4 days!my stomach had sing many songs dah!
sabar jelahhhhhh!!

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