well.lastnight cm bubbi gile doe.tibe2 aku lost ta tentu pasal.i need my friend doe.korang sume ilang tetibe enn.where were u??i miss our old you can see.i really2 need my loveydovey.haaa,thnks syaza tibe i teringt kt u.dats y i text u.thank fer de advice.imy gilerrlahh.padaha. bru text mlm td enn..ahhahahha..thanksthanks..

i need u righ here by my side.

nabila,ayn,eja,syafy and others!

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eja said...

honey, im sorry for not spending much time with you anymore. it just im too busy with the pmr stuffs, heh. but i promise you i'll get things back with you aftr all this shits end okaay? <3