I feel like I'm stuck and somewhat in a rush. If no one took care for me. I been in this house, don't wanna leave out, and it's been several weeks. The couples that I see, now watching TV tells me what it used to be.someone said move on but I don't care if they're wrong. And I just need you to know. I wasn't on an even grip when I changed sense, never meant for you to get away. I was listening , baby never again, I never meant the things I said. If you want me to apologize I will, anything you want me to. I'll do it all for you. I'm sorry cause I broke you down, made you cry.I apologize. Started throwing out your things to erase the memory but it didn't work at all. Seeing the pictures in the frames is driving me insane when I pick up the phone and call. you are a pressured part in my life and I just want to self this goodbye. I know a gun was shot, but you mean a lot to me. And I can't let you leave.

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